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About Us

Our Vision

To be an esteemed preschool providing quality care and early learning experiences for young children in Singapore.

Our Mission

To become a reliable learning platform for young children to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially through a holistic learning environment that is geared towards cultivating confident, resilient and responsible life-long learners.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children learn best when they are interested and engaged in the things they do. That’s why at Nissi, we strive to engage children in a child-initiated active play setting, where authentic learning can take place.    

We also understand the importance of language and literacy in the early childhood years. Thus, we aim to help children build a strong foundation in the English and Chinese language by developing their ability to listen, speak, read and write fluently.    

Character development is also part of the learning that happens in Nissi. We encourage children to be confident, resilient, responsible, curious, creative and empathetic. We hope that they will gain a positive self-concept, self-discipline and learn to build warm relationships with others.

Our Curriculum

The 6 Learning Areas include: