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Our Curriculum

Motor Skills Development

Children naturally love to move, play and interact with the environment.

Motor skills development should be recognized as crucial to the development of gross and fine motor dexterity and physical fitness, which will in turn affect children’s health as well as their mastery of self-help routines in their daily lives.

It is important to provide children with the time and space for unrestricted movement to develop their physical coordination, body and spatial awareness.      

As children enjoy and participate in a wide range of physical activities, they grow in confidence and self-esteem. When they take part in vigorous and sustained physical activities, they develop and maintain muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance.

Participating in group games with their friends will enable them to learn to share, take turns and cooperate with others. Children will also acquire and apply safety practices in their environment and when playing with others.

Our Curriculum

The 6 Learning Areas include: